Lady Gaga comparte un emocionante mensaje en Instagram

Después de varios días tras finalizar las grabaciones del remake de 'A Star Is Born', Lady Gaga se ha tomado unas vacaciones en los alrededores de Nueva York con su nueva pareja Christian Carino. Durante este tiempo a penas ha tocado las redes sociales, pero hoy ha hecho uso de su cuenta de Instagram para enviar un mensaje a sus seguidores de lo que ha significado su apoyo tras perder a su gran amiga Sonja Durham por el cáncer que padecía.



Just wanted to say a loving thank you to monsters and fans of @sonjad7777 all over the world. I've been resting since I wrapped filming, and have begun to process even further all that has taken place. I want to say of all the things you have been there for me and my family and friends for, this one really left me speechless while also taking me by surprise. What I have realized is that my true life dream above all things was to spread peace and love as far as possible through music; and the compassion you have shown me, Sonja's husband Andre, her family and her friends is a miracle. And I know it was her hope while she was battling cancer to tell her story and to be an example of bravery to the world. Thank you for keeping that community in tact, not just for me, for yourself, or for sonja, but thank you for the example of kindness you show to the world. It is not how many followers you have, how skinny or beautiful by other peoples standards that matters. Truly it's the best parts of you on the inside that you choose generously to share with your sister or brother that makes you beautiful. That's what counts. That is your legacy. That is how you leave your mark. Transferring your positive energy to those around you, and watching it multiply.
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